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                • 我喜愛的故事 The Story I Like


                  Since I was very small, my parents would read me some stories before I slept. I like to hear the stories that describe a girl’s growing up. These girls are so brave and become heroines at last. I want to be one of them, so I tell myself to... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 最好的年華 The Best Age


                  In the Chinese lesson, I need to recite many old poems, which is very difficult for the elder to do it, but it is so easy to me. As I am young and full of energy, I can finish the job quickly. In the best age, I want to read more books to e... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 我的好伙伴 My Good Partner


                  I have a good friend. Her name is Li Hua. We know each other when we were five years old, because we have so many things in common. We become partners soon. I like to go out for fun with her. She always knows my idea and we can enjoy our ti... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 我們的秘密 Our Secret


                  My friends and I have planned to do something interesting. We write down our future wishes and put them in a bottle. Then we exchange the bottles, making it as our secrets. We make a deal to take it out five years later and see if we have r... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 我許下的諾言 The Promise I Make


                  Today, my mother has something to do, so she needs to meet her friends. I make a promise that I will clean the house when she returns. But I become lazy soon. I start to play computer games and forget my promise. When I remember, I start my... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 那一刻,我長大了 The Moment I Grow Up


                  Every child needs his parents when they meet trouble. It is natural for them to find protection. My parents protect me all the time. I can feel their love. But as I grow up, I want to solve problem by myself. When I solve the problem, I fee... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 教師的愛Teacher's Love


                  The day I go to school, I remember that I feel so scared because it is the first time for me to leave my parents. Then my teacher comes to me and smiles at me. I feel so comfortable. She introduces many classmates to me. Then we play many f... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 我失信了 I Don't Keep My Words


                  Last night, my friends and I made the plan to go out for fun. But early in the morning, I was too tired and couldn’t wake up. So I lied to my friends. I toldl them I was not feeling well, so they came to see me. I felt so bad to break my w... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 家庭規則 Family Rules


                  David Beckham and his families are so famous around the world, no matter where they go, they will catch the media's attention. The four lovely children are favored by people, too. It is said that David makes family rules. He and his wife te... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 我的孤獨 My Loneliness


                  Today, my parents go to have an important meeting with their friends, so they leave me home alone. Though my mother has prepared everything I need, I still feel a little sad. I watch the TV and play computer games, but I feel more and more... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 下雨天 The Raining Day


                  Summer is so hot. It hasn’t rained for more than one month and the air is so stuffy. But today, the rain finally comes. I am so happy when I see the dark cloud. It is so cool, when wind blows. The wind blow my face. When rain stops, I go o... [ 閱讀全文 ]

                • 真正的開心 The Real Happiness


                  I live in an ordinary family. Though my parents are not rich enough to buy what I want, they give me the best thing. That is love. I have a rich friend. Her name is Lucy. She always complains that her parents are too busy and don’t have mu... [ 閱讀全文 ]