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                首頁 > 英語作文 > 高中英語作文 > 生活中的新改變 The New Changes in My Life

                生活中的新改變 The New Changes in My Life

                作者:第一作文 來源:網絡 時間:2019-04-24 字體: 手機瀏覽
                Since I went to high school, my parents moved to the city that was near my school. Moving to the new environment meant I had to give up a lot of things, such as my dear old friends and the beautiful scenery. At first, I learned to get used to the strange environment. When I have time, I would walk around the street, trying to get familiar with the shops and the streets. Then I found some interesting places, like the small coffee shop. The shop had many books, and I could read books there. As I had not many friends, I felt lonely here, but my classmates were very nice, and they helped me to solve problems. Now I have made many good friends and feel like at home in this big city. I will find more surprises here. 


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